About Us

Breeding Our Cotons

Emerald Coast Cotons passion is to see you leave with a smile .  We guarantee our puppies. Parents are Health certified with at least no less than 4-6 health test each to preserve the health and Intergity of the Coton de tulear . We also provide a written health guarantee on all puppies .

Reserve your puppy

When you decide to purchase a Emerald Coast Coton , you will be put on our waiting list. You will be required to send a $500 deposit . We will mail you a contract to review before you pick up your puppy. Your deposit is non-refundable, except in the event that we can not give you a puppy in a reasonable time, or that we do not have your desired sex or type of puppy. The contract covers the important details of your purchase, such as health guarantees, return policy, vaccination schedule, etc. While you are waiting on your puppy, I will work with you to find out what sort of personality traits you seek in your puppy. Our puppies are raised in our home . They receive lots of love and we even start the house breaking through puppy pad training . Due to us protecting our puppies we do not allow them to be handled other by us until their first shots are given .  This is to protect our litters . 

A Furever Friend

 The center of a Coton’s universe is his or her owner. Frequently Cotons shadow their human companions from room to room. They are avid listeners occasionally cocking their heads with engrossed attention to their owner’s conversation. In terms of temperament, Cotons have a playful, active, and affectionate nature. They are often little kissing machines. The Coton de Tulear has a curiously deep toned bark for such a compact body. Cotons sound an alarm to announce the arrival of a visitor at their door. However, they are normally friendly towards people and often delight houseguests with their frolicking antics.

Coton Puppy Learning to Dance

The Coton de Tulear is an intelligent dog, eager to please, training easily to simple commands. Some Cotons truly enjoy dancing on their hind legs. Since they take pleasure in the great outdoors, housebreaking puppies is simply accomplished with the diligent attention of the owner. Cotons love daily walks benefiting from the extra exercise and new opportunities for social interaction.


Puffy Coton de Tulear Coat

A hallmark of the breed, the Coton’s fluffy cotton coat tends to attract attention. This minimally shedding coat of hair is dander free. Beneath the puffy coat, the Coton is a small, agile dog. AKC we breed standard describes the height of the Coton de Tulear as approximately nine to just under twelve inches. Cotons average weight range is between ten to fourteen pounds. Although, some Cotons weigh a little less and others weigh a bit more.